I ordered this a little while ago and it just came in! I’m pretty excited! but there is one huge issue I have.. The sailor rebels one is HUUUGE! I ordered all medium and the tanks fit fine and are nice and form fitting.. but that thing is so baggy in the back it looks kind of awkward on me.. I’m not sure what to do about it .___. anyone got any ideas?

reblogging to my fitness blog cause look at the workout shirts I got they are so cute eee! (even though that long sleeved one is too big whatever)

Insanity day Fourty Five!

Sorry I haven’t updated in such a long time I haven’t been near a computer in a while. This stage definitely isnt as boring as recovery week and is definitely tiring. I find it definitely spiked up with the difficulty. Blah I’m tired.

Insanity day thirtyfive!

(I did misscount last time whoops haha)

Recovery week is DOONNE!! Yeeess I’m so happy! Though next week looks kind of scary with the fit test annnd the max interval circuit… But atleast it sure as hell wont be so boring! Being at this halfway point in the program is kind of exciting! I cant wait for tomorrow!

insanity day thirty three

(hopefully I counted that right)

Anyways I’ve been having a lot of trouble with recoveryweek.. mostly because I find the workout kind of boring and blah.. I cant wait for it to be over only two more days to go for this week and I can start up with some hopefully none boring dvds.

even then they seems like it will take forever to get passed this next two days.. anyone else have this problem with recovery week?

Insanity day twenty eight!

eek seems I’m going for weekly updates but I’ve been busy with work, school, and getting maid of honor dress! I’m so happy insanity has been going so well for me lately! I made it to recovery week! 8D so excited! a whole week of core cardio and balance! ;U I havent missed a single day this is so awesome! I’m going to look so great for the wedding on the 26 and for anime north when it comes! cant wait! I’m so excited for how well everythings been going and for my friends wedding eeee~

Insanity day twenty twooo!

Sorry I havent been updating lately been busy with work, art shows and baby showers. But the good news is I have been keeping up with my workouts just not updating the blog. (sorry guys I love you I swear!) I’m so tired even though today was a rest day.. got some pure cardio tomorrow and after this week its recovery week! I’m doing this so much better then the other attempts I’m so happy!

insanity day fifteen and sixteen!

I did much better on my fit test yesterday! woot! I am so happy to be seeing progress! Today was Plyometric cardio curcit. It was good but tiring as always! I meant to update earlier but I got distracted with quite a few things. All I know now is I really really want to eat cookies but I dont because I’m trying to lose weight.. but chocolate chip cookies >_<

Insanity day thirteen!!!

Today was Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs wow! It was such a toughie could really feel the burn in the abs! Also the two tuck jumps at the beginning of cardio abs is killer.. I definitely hope I can learn to jump higher. Though it was good and fun after all was said and done. Rest day is tomorrow yaaay!

insanity day eleven and tweelllvveee!

I’m sorry I didnt get to post yesterday I had to get ready and leave to meet a friend after exercising so didnt have time to post. Though today was especially tiring. I couldnt seem to wake up all morning feeling sluggish the whole time. and of course its power and resistance day! I’m so tired but now I have to get ready for work.. On the bright side i think the workout made me feel slightly less tired. Success?

Hopefully work wont be to stressful either