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Jul 22

so far I’ve been doing pretty well with cleaning up my eating habbits.. I’ll post what I have recorded yesterday and today but I will once I’m done with todays list. Now I must work on graphic design homework which funnily enough is a mock up nike ad.

so far I’ve been doing pretty well with cleaning up my eating habbits.. I’ll post what I have recorded yesterday and today but I will once I’m done with todays list. Now I must work on graphic design homework which funnily enough is a mock up nike ad.

Jul 17

So update..

I’m still having a hard time with everything. I think this depression thing is getting to me along with a whole bunch of other things that dont have to do with exercise feel like they are building up. I havent exercised in quite a while and feel crappy either way. I wasnt feeling better even after exercise.. Right now I’m going to focus on eating healthy since I was having trouble with that too lately. I’m paying off bills and once my credit card is payed off I’m thinking of joining a gym again. Its slightly more expensive but since its really close to home and sort of there on my way to and from work (also open earlier and later) I think the extra dollars would be worth it in the end. I gotta try and keep going even if I seem to have this giant moat, castle and brick wall infront of me. Sorry I havent been updating much I’ll try once I get hold of things a bit more. I”m just letting you guys know where I’m at.

Jul 09

Been having a hard time.

I’ve been feeling depressed lately having a hard time keeping up with the exercise. I feel better afterwards every time but I don’t always want to do it and will fight with doing it. I recently started Insanity again as of last Friday. I haven’t missed a day but its been really hard.

I’m in class right now and I haven’t done my exercise despite not having work in the morning. I plan on doing it before I have dinner when I get home. I know I wouldn’t be doing so well if it wasn’t for my boyfriend. I probably would have given up a long time ago. I’m not doing it for him just to be clear it is for me. But sometimes I don’t care about myself enough to keep doing it but he does. He dosnt like seeing me down and depressed because I’m not happy with who I am. Working out does make me feel better bt sometimes its hard to remember.

Jun 19

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hey im still alive!!

Sorry I haven’t been updating much. A lots been going on and I got sick… again. I need to figure out how to strengthen my amune-system because getting sick a lot sucks butt. I’m feeling much better so the plan is to exercise before work tomorrow!!

May 29

I went for another run today! It was great and when I reached the end of the board walk I decided to do 15 standard push ups before stretching. I’m still trying to get the hang of standard push ups but it didn’t seem too bad in the sand. I’m still trying to figure out what to do with my runs. I don’t seem to have access to P90X since bfs brother lent it out to one of his friends. I do have the 30 day shred I could try again.. anyone have any suggestions?

May 28

Hello lovlies!!

I’m sorry I haven’t updates much. I’ve been really busy and my computers been having some issues as of late. I finished insanity and got some nice results but not as nice as I would have liked. I think I can put that down to the two week infection/cold combo though. The weather is nice again so I started to run along the beach board walk again. I can’t run as far but I think my body just is not used to running anymore. I’m thinking of starting P90X but I don’t have the dvds since my boyfriend brother lent his to his friend. I also am not sure if he lent out his door hanger equipment thing. If he hasn’t anyone got any idea where I can find the program and stream the videos?? I just wanted to keep you guys updated and let you all know I’m alive. Hope everyone is keeping up the good work with their exercise!!

May 08

Insanity day fifty!

I finaly got to exercise again! It was the fit test and max interval circuit.. Unfortnetly my fittest is more or less the same as it was when I did it the third time BUT I was sick for a week and a half. But I exercised and I’m so happy about it! my hair may have been drenched more then usual but I am so happy!  Insanity day 52 here I come~

May 05

Im so mad!

I was not able to exercise at all last week due to a stupid cold and then on Saturday when I thought my cold would have been a bit better I woke up with PINK EYE and now I’m still getting over that and with a bit of a cold still… I just want to exercise and do my fit test and finish insanity! Is there any recommendation of exercise I could do? Nothing too intense just so I can exercise and not totally bomb my last fit test.. please?

Apr 30

A bit behind… what should I do?

I am a bit behind.. two days behind to be exact.. since I got back from the wedding I have gotten a terrible cold. Which only got worse on Monday when I was supposed to do my fit test and max interval circuit. But I couldn’t because my throat was swollen up so bad that I had some trouble breathing. Yesterday was sort of the same but today I’m feeling a bit better. What bothers me is that this is my second last week of insanity.. I don’t want to put it off but I don’t want to exercise too soon.. so what I’m asking is would I exercise? I only have a bit of a sore throat now and its only kinda swollen.. so what are your guys thoughts?