30 4 / 2014

I am a bit behind.. two days behind to be exact.. since I got back from the wedding I have gotten a terrible cold. Which only got worse on Monday when I was supposed to do my fit test and max interval circuit. But I couldn’t because my throat was swollen up so bad that I had some trouble breathing. Yesterday was sort of the same but today I’m feeling a bit better. What bothers me is that this is my second last week of insanity.. I don’t want to put it off but I don’t want to exercise too soon.. so what I’m asking is would I exercise? I only have a bit of a sore throat now and its only kinda swollen.. so what are your guys thoughts?

25 4 / 2014

blah I’m so tired and sweaty. I’m happy its all done with todays exercise.. I had trouble when the second half of insanity started but now I’m getting the hang of it and enjoying it again (I dont know how you can enjoy it but somehow I do) my legs hurt.. I’m going to go have a bath now.. >_o this week is tiring (and there is my friends wedding tomorrow EEE I get to wear my brides maid dress) But for now I’m going to have a bath before I have to go to work (I’d rather go to bed)